GENIUS INSIGHT - Quantum Biofeedback

Frequency Healing

Sound is frequency and vibration that make-up our existence. Everything is vibrational in nature.

The electrical flow through the body is measured through frequency and everything physical has a resonance with the sounds around us.

The sounds we listen to have an impact on the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT as the body is healthy when in alignment with optimal vibration.

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Monitor and rebalance essential parameters of your body's energies and improve your health and well-being.

What is Genius Biofeedback?

A mind-body technology that harmonizes the body's stresses and imbalances of the energetic field with frequencies by emission of alternating waves.

​The Genius Insight is a bio-resonance tool that assesses the vibrational quality of your personal frequencies and compares that to other frequencies. The assessment of the body-field will show energetic disturbances (energy imbalances) whether physical or emotional in the field.

The purpose is to become balanced and experience less stress in your energy field and well being as it raises the level of awareness.  It has been said that awareness is the first step necessary before one can take action. 

The more you are aware emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, you can make more informed decisions.  It gives you the ability to look within yourself and to gain real insight.  If you want to peer energetically into any health issue, emotional issue, spiritual blockage or what is the issue you most need to know about today, biofeedback can help you with this information as the Genius is a wonderful tool!

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How Does it Work?

The Genius Insight analyzes the information input into the system and converts it to a frequency. It uses an energetic frequency to assess information as it identifies hormonal imbalances, virus, bacteria and pathogenic activity to name a few.  It uses thousands of energetic signatures and frequencies to help  stimulate your bodies own innate healing ability.

The Genius captures the "quality" of your voice using a patented voice analysis algorithm as it conveys information in the tones and intonation about your current health, emotional state and so much more. It is also used to establish your unique frequencies and what your are vibrating at to assess the body-field to determine specific stressors in the body.  A photo, name and birthdate also carry an energetic frequency unique to one self that assists in the quality of the information.

Everything in nature is self-organizing and as humans we are a part of this system. We are overflowing with energy so the body can use correct information and frequencies to optimize health. The key to health is energy balancing with harmony and alignment for optimal wellness!

The Genius Insight offers chakra frequencies, weight loss protocols, stress solutions, aura field and so much more while diving deep into any other issues you might want to address.  These frequencies harmonize the body for better balancing and alignment.

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It is possible to deliver many changes to the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT with your unique frequencies. Quantum Biofeedback is used for energy balancing and allows for the body to heal which produces harmony, alignment and optimal wellness.

​Your journey starts with an assessment, harmonizing and balancing followed by weekly frequencies for continued support.